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06 May 2014

Osei-Duro Spring Summer 2014

I think Osei-Duro has become the collection that I most look forward to seeing every season.  I have yet to be disappointed.  Each collection is made up of comfortable, wearable pieces in unique prints.  If you aren't familiar with this company, you can read about them here.  It's definitely clothing that you can feel good about purchasing and wearing, as it has a very ethical back story.  I have my eye (no pun intended) on the Orbis Panel Skirt in Eyes and the Torium Short Dress in Black Matchstick. 

06 March 2014

Sessun S/S 2014

It seems that everyone, everywhere (well - maybe not in the Southern hemisphere) is stuck between dealing with the drudgery that is this relentless winter and wishing for warm spring days.  I know I am.  And that's pretty much where this blog is too.  One day I'm posting about a winter collection, the next I'm posting photos from a spring collection.  Such is the case today when I can't stop staring at these images from the Sessun spring collection.  I'm think I'm looking at the lush green backdrops and patches of sunshine just as much as I am the clothes. 

28 January 2014

Madewell Spring Preview

On this day, one of the coldest of the year so far, the wind chill is eight degrees below zero.  What a good day to sit inside and dream about a new spring wardrobe.  This is the spring preview from Madewell.  The collection is the first for new Madewell designer Somsack Sikhounmuong.  The idea behind the collection is unpacking your suitcase after a trip around the world.  What sorts of prints and fabrics and accessories would you come home with after days spent in Japan, Morocco or Mexico?  Think of the special pieces you pick up along your travels that would mix in with your favorite jeans and tees.  I really like the idea behind the collection and I think that translates into liking the actual collection.  I could definitely see myself in some of these pieces.

14 October 2013

Ace & Jig Spring 2014

ace jig

I'm always excited to see what Ace & Jig has been up to for the following season.  I haven't picked out a piece from the fall collection yet so I may be getting a little ahead of myself by putting several pieces from the Spring 2014 collection on my wishlist.  But they are just SO good.  I would love to have everything on the top row here! 

ace jig2

09 July 2013



The story of Raquelle begins, "The Raquelle collection was born on a breezy, sunny, summer morning."  This seems terribly appropriate since the clothes are begging to be worn on just such a day.  The line was created in 2008, almost by accident after a stranger offered to order three dresses like the one the designer was wearing and had designed for herself.  

I have Alabama in August on my mind every day  right now as we prepare for our trip and have a packing list that reads something like this:  breezy dresses, loose blouses, comfortable shorts.  It would be nice if something from this collection would find its way into my suitcase. 


08 July 2013

Young Frankk


These summery images from Young Frankk's lookbook make me want to pack up and head to the boardwalk.  It's been legitimately hot and humid this week and a cool ocean breeze would be a nice relief.  I know I'm supposed to be looking at the jewelry in these shots (and I am), but what I really end up wanting  are the loose, breezy outfits. 


10 June 2013

Ingrid Starnes S/S 14


I've looked through Ingrid Starnes' archives all the way back to her beginnings and I haven't found a collection that I didn't like.  They just keep getting better and better and the upcoming spring collection is no exception.  I want ALL of those dresses.  I would love to find something similar while out thrifting.  That would be quite a find! 


03 June 2013



I love these romantic, deserted island worthy dresses from NYC based Candela.  The designer, Gabriela Perezutti, spent her childhood on a ranch in Uruguay and her family roots shine through in the details of her work.  She incorporates traditional equestrian and gaucho influences while keeping in mind the modern NYC girl.  I would love to wear one of those maxi dresses on the hottest summer days. 


14 May 2013

Rosapina Vintage Collection


Here are some very sweet photos featuring Ale of Rosapina Vintage and her new handmade vintage collection.  And speaking of sweet, the pieces were all designed by Ale and hand sewn by her mother, using fabric from her grandmother's archives!  That's one sweet collaboration.  Ale's been a blogger friend for about as long as I've been doing this so it's especially nice to see her accomplish such an undertaking.  Congratulations Ale and I hope we see more of this in the future!


29 April 2013

Milena Silvano S/S 2013


Have you seen this lookbook for Milena Silvano's spring/summer 2013 collection?  The designer started her eponymous line in 2010 but I am just discovering her work.  She is based in rural England, grows and forages dye plant to use on her fabrics and takes field trips to faraway places such as India to work with local artisans on techniques like block printing.  The result is a collection that truly has a worldly, artisanal feel.  You can follow her adventures on her blog.  I loved seeing the process of a large swath of fabric from its beginnings being printed, dyed and finally turned into a wearable dress. 


08 April 2013



I discovered Osei-Duro via their Made in Kind collection at Anthropologie.  I loved the prints on the simple garments so I decided to take a look at the entire collection.  I ended up really loving most all of the pieces.  The simple tanks in bold prints and the dresses especially.  Oh, and if you fall in love with the Aetsas Summer Dress for $128 in the Anthopologie collection like I did, you can get the same dress directly from the Osei-Duro site for $92!


13 March 2013

Ilana Kohn S/S 2013


I don't know why I've always shied from wearing a lot of prints.  But I have.  And I'm trying to change that habit.  Ilana Kohn's spring collection would make that easy!  I love the graphic quality of her prints.  I'm drawn to the grey and black prints, of course, but I think I would even try the pastel hued geometric print dress. 


05 March 2013

Sessùn Spring 2013


Here is a lovely collection of pastel washed images of the spring collection from Sessùn.  So many wonderful prints and textures!  We're expecting several inches of snow to fall tonight so it's a bit of a fantasy to be looking at shorts and sundresses right now.  A girl can dream, right?


28 February 2013

Dace Spring 2013


The spring collection for Dace has caught my eye with its muted colors and simple cuts.  The line has really perfected a classy, timeless style.  I just picked up a dress from the winter collection on sale and the quality is really nice.  I'm looking forward to wearing it with tights now and with sandals once the weather warms up.


27 February 2013

Karen Walker


A pair of Karen Walker sunglasses has been a long standing item on my wishlist.  I never splurge on them since I'm so careless with sunglasses and tend to break or lose them quite frequently.  I have always loved the creative ways the collections are presented, whether that be balloons, mop heads or as this time around, beautiful ladies of an older generation!  One can only hope to age this gracefully and to look this amazing!


12 February 2013

Morgan Carper S/S 2013


Brooklyn based designer Morgan Carper has a nice way with prints.  You can definitely see the connection between her worldly travels and her designs.  In her spring/summer collection I like the blue toned prints the best, especially the tie-back sundress.  Her pieces are usually priced way out of my range but I was lucky to grab a dress from the Of A Kind sample sale this week from her fall/winter collection.  I can't wait to get it!


05 February 2013

Steven Alan S/S 2013


Steven Alan has provided us with yet another lovely spring collection full of pieces that are timeless and special all at the same time.  I can definitely see myself in quite a few of these looks. I'm definitely going to stalk that striped v-neck dress until it goes on sale.  Fingers crossed.  I'm also intrigued by the high-waisted, wide-legged pants situation.  I'm not 100% convinced, but they're growing on me.   


28 January 2013

Ace & Jig Spring 2013


I know I've already posted a few spring/summer collections, but none of them have me as excited about warmer weather than this one.  It's the new collection from Ace & Jig and I want a closet full of it.  I not only like their aesthetic but the business practice behind it so I've made a point to collect one piece from them each season.  Last spring it was this dress, then in the fall this top.  For this collection I have my eye on the navy striped mini dress.  It looks so comfortable and easy to wear. 

ace jig

21 January 2013

Madewell Spring 2013

The Madewell lookbook is a highly anticipated thing at my house.  I have to admit that most of my wardrobe that isn't vintage comes from Madewell.  I'm always watching something on the site, stalking it until it goes on sale.  And luckily, they have some pretty good sales!  So when this spring's lookbook came out I was excited to check out my future stalking victims.  But I have to admit, most of the looks left me at bit, well, MEH!  That's the sound of my indifference, in case you didn't catch that. 

Now, it's not all bad!  There are a few dresses that caught my eye. I love that geometric print sweater and the smocked blouse and the tan overcoat looks like a nice alternative to my nearly worn out trench coat.  But most of it was a bit too preppy pastel.  A bit too J. Crew, if you will.  I know that it's silly to complain about spring clothes being pastel, and obviously there's going to be a bit of a J. Crew vibe since they're the same company.  I guess I've just been so smitten with the past seasons, I was a bit surprised at not being bowled over with this one. 

16 January 2013



Is it really that time already?  I think I must say that every season.  It's a bit confusing to think about spring collections right now when we're in the middle of a winter that doesn't really feel like much of a winter.  I think we've had all of three hard frosts and only a few inches of snow that quickly melted away.  The first of the spring collections to catch my eye is Ulla Johnson.  The last time one of her collections caught my eye it was for her Gloria Steinem lookalike model.  This time it's the easy to wear cotton dress in plaids and prints.