15 August 2007

Last night was supposed to be my first night in the third installment of sewing classes that I am taking at the Santa Monica Sewing Arts Center. But since I no longer have a car and I'm new at this bus-taking thing I ended up on the wrong bus and never made it to class. Actually it wasn't so much the wrong bus as it was the right bus going in the wrong direction. Fortunately, I called my instructor and she's going to let me make up the lesson at her studio over the weekend. Soon she's going to be opening a Stitch Lounge in Silverlake where people will be able to go and hang out and sew. Sounds like heaven to me.

In the first class I successfully made a pair of drawstring pajama pants that, while fully functional, have ended up at the bottom of my pajama drawer. In the second class, I made a skirt, complete with French seams and an invisible zipper. Yay! In the third class I am going to be making a 1950's inspired house dress and will be learning some pattern making, how to sew sleeves, darts, pleats, collars and button holes. Whew! That's a lot, but I'm so excited to finally be learning this stuff. I've sewn for years, but in a please-don't-look-at-the-inside kind of way. I feel like I really need to practice my new found skills so I've picked one of the simpler vintage patterns that has been sitting in my sewing bag for years to start with. I'll be going to ISW to pick up some vintage fabric and all the notions that I'll need. Hopefully it will be finished by the weekend. Here it is:

I'm going to make the one with pockets for now and when the weather cools a bit, maybe I'll try the one with sleeves. I've got my trusty Sew-U book handy for reference and all my new bits and bobbins from class so wish me luck!


faithzilla said...

Wow that's a great pattern! That's going to be a really cute dress!

Rhiannon said...

Oh wow, you're right! Sew U and '60s patterns must be the way to go . .

I really need to go to a sewing class though. Yours sounds like so much fun.