24 April 2014

Etsy Update: Essentials

This past week I added a collection of what I consider closet essential to the Etsy shop: pretty spring florals, perfectly broken-in denim, silk blouses and cotton tops.  All available now...

23 April 2014


Speaking of shoes... Tom saw my post about shoes the other day and sent me a link to this article from The Design Observer about the origin of shoes.  Pretty fascinating stuff! It's interesting to see the evolution of the shoe, from completely functional and utilitarian to something beautifully crafted for decorative purposes.  Oh, and I 100% completely want that pair of tapestry ankle boots!

22 April 2014

Neutral Territory

While I detest most reality TV (don't even get me started), Tom and I are both huge fans of Project Runway. What can I say? It's a guilty pleasure. So, while I am familiar with Gretchen Jones from her time on PR, it's her work since the show that I most admire. Lately, I've been admiring her outfit photos as posted on her website, The Neutral Territory. Layering is still a necessity around here with the last days of wintery weather hanging on for dear life and these photos give me all sorts of ideas for new combinations. 

21 April 2014

Peter Jensen AW 2014

Spring poked her head out of the ground for a couple of days last week, but now we're back to wearing coats and scarves around here. It's a bit like self induced torture to look at pretty spring things right now. So instead, I've been admiring the Autumn Winter 2014 collection from Peter Jensen. The collection was inspired by and styled after a variety of Faye Dunaway movie characters. I spy The Thomas Crown Affair, perhaps a little Chinatown and my favorite, of course, Faye's version of Bonnie Parker. 

18 April 2014

Shoes Shoes Shoes

While I was away on my little blog hiatus (which I think is over, but we'll see) I discovered a pretty amazing collection of vintage shoes just waiting to find new feet to adorn.  Luckily they aren't quite my size (or else I would've been tempted to keep them all for myself).  They are all available in the Etsy shop now! 

26 March 2014

SJV on Instagram

If you've noticed my absence on the blog the past couple of weeks, I just needed a breather. I'll get back to it next week. In the meantime, I've also been posting on Instagram if you'd like to follow along. You can find me here...

10 March 2014

Etsy: Sister Dresses

Two sets of sister dress now in the shop!  Some sisters are so similar you can hardly tell them apart;  like the iris print duo above.  It's pretty much the same dress twice with a slightly different color palette.  Other sisters are only similar in subtle ways, like the two dresses below. One in rust and the other silver, but both are cut from the same type of silky fabric with tiny stripes or dots.  Find them all here...