14 September 2011


photos by Tom b.

- 60s cotton dress
- vintage denim jacket
- Rachel Comey boots
- vintage wool beret

I've just added something to my wardrobe. Something I've been searching for, not quite sure which one was right for me. Can you spot it? It's a watch! Someone commented to me years ago that wearing a watch was becoming obsolete. If one needs to know the time they simply consult their cellphone. So true! However, my disdain for cellphones is a constant joke to my friends. I have an little flip phone with some prepaid minutes in my purse that I save for emergencies. I check it about twice a week to see if anyone has called it (they never do, I don't even know the phone number for it). If someone texts me, I usually return the favor about three days later. I just don't know how people function with them constantly in their hands!

OK, enough of sounding like an old fogey. The point is, I don't ever know what time it is... so I bought a watch. It took me forever to find an affordable option that I really liked. There are some seriously tacky watches out there folks. Since I couldn't lay down enough cash for my dream watch I settled for a Swiss Army Garrison. It's simple, classic and goes with everything.



Kristin said...

You always manage to look cool all the time. Love it!

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hapa said...

I just love the first picture in this post. It somehow so simple, yet so beautiful. I'm truly in awe of all the photographing on your blog. It's always a pleasure to browse through.

Catherine Summers said...

Love love love the pattern of the dress! Beautiful photos BTW.

Catherine x

Celynne said...

We apparently have identical cell phone use! I've just got a cheap little flip phone with a $15 a month plan for emergencies, especially since I travel long distances alone a lot. I don't understand what people have to do/say/communicate that's so important ALL DAY haha... And so, I am a constant watch-wearer. I get a watch-tan in the summertime, which I actually use to grade my tan level hah.

I like that you included a photo of a harvester.

Caitlin Rose said...

I love this photoshoot. the photographs are so beautiful! I love the one just with all the leaves.

Frannie Pantz said...

So funny you should say that because I wear watches quite often, but all of them have dead batteries so they never actually "tell the time". LOL. I love your photos. They are beautiful as always!

Piper said...

I had the same prepaid situation for the last 4 years (the whole time I was in college) and I also got used to wearing watches. Finally caved on a phone because it was needed for my job.

I find pretty & simple watches in thrift stores. They generally just need their battery replaced.

Anonymous said...

I'm terrible about watches, so I either wear a watch pendent or constantly check my phone for the time.

These are stunning photographs, I am always jealous of the locations you have to had for your photoshoots!

Sleepy Darlings said...

This post makes me want to plant some corn, chuck my cell phone, and get a watch. At least watches last more than 2 days without having to be charged.


Anna said...

amazing colours of photos!
Like your outfit - simple but very romantic ;)


Visha Consultants said...

The 60s cotton dress looks absolutely fascinating..I am dying to own this.

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Jamie Rose said...

Your pictures always turn out so pretty! I love the scenery in these and your dress is very cute too.

Amila said...

Pictures are beatufil , dress and its pattern is really great. I could see old story in this pic.