16 August 2007

Capes, Capes, Capes

I recently ran across this photo on Face Hunter and it reminded me of the hunt I was on last year for a vintage plaid wool cape. I saw a couple on EBay that got away from me and spotted one at Zachary’s Smile on a trip to NY but it was out of my price range. The Face Hunter photo mixed with my recent desire for all things wintery has put me back on the trail. The blue one and the hounds tooth one were on sale at Posh Girl Vintage but have already sold. I like the print on the hounds tooth one but the blue one looks like it would have been too long anyway. Topshop has a couple of half cape concoctions that I think I would like if they were longer. The crochet one is on sale at Rusty Zipper but I think I would rather have a wool one. Preferably plaid with a satiny lining and big brass buttons. No, I’m not hard to please at all! I guess I’ll keep looking.


- jesse said...

I have this capelet if you want it:

(if that doesn't come up it's the second to last picture on stylediary.net under the user name jessecoug)

I was going to sell it to Beacon's Closet this fall but if I know someone wants it, I would just give it to them.


- jesse said...

Also, I'll mention that I'm 5'2" so you know that it's not extra-long or anything.