10 August 2007

Early Fashion Inspirations

These days it seems the hippest names to drop when citing fashion inspirations are Jane Birkin (and her entire brood of children), Kate Moss, and even (gasp) the Olsen twins. Undoubtedly, these women are of substantial style and I have been known to admire an ensemble or two. But my interest in fashion started at a fairly young age. At eight years old I was no where near name dropping Birkin, Doillon, Gainsburg or even Hepburn for that matter. I was more concerned with which jelly shoes went with which jelly bracelets and if I could really pass off my Palmetto jeans as Guess jeans. So, here are my early (slightly embarrassing) fashion inspirations.

I guess it all started with Punky Brewster. I loved her tom-boyish, mismatched outfits. I headed off to school many a day sporting one pink sneaker and one aqua sneaker, my pigtails swinging. Those were good days.

Anyone remember Blossom? Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Blossom Russo. As in I actually watched a show that featured Joey Lawrence as a regular character. Whoa! It definitely wasn’t the riveting story lines that kept me glued to the show. Something about Blossom’s off beat clothes and floppy sunflower hats appealed to the budding fashion-hound in me. Call it a sign of the times.

Only slightly less embarrassing is Nickelodeon’s own Clarissa Darling. Again, it was not the situational family comedy that kept me coming back for more. Clarissa never failed to disappoint with her quirky combos. Mini skirts with colored tights? Check. Overalls rolled up with combat boots? Check. I’m guilty of it all.

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