14 August 2007

Evidence of Life

Besides fashion, I also have an interest in photography. I’ve been greatly inspired by Rob Dobi’s site New England Ruins. On a trip back home to Alabama, my boyfriend and I spent a day exploring an abandoned neighborhood. The homes had been exposed to frequent flooding and were unfit for living. When the homes were abandoned by the residents most left all of their belongings behind. It was astonishing to walk into these homes and see clothes still hanging in the closets, shoes still stacked on the shelves, and coats strewn across the floor. Every home told a story of a family that used to live there. Here are a few photos from that trip.

All rights reserved for photos.


bee said...

lovely photos.

Sally Jane said...

Thanks a lot! I hope to go back and take more some day soon.

my love for you. said...

these photos are amazing. really great.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't shake of the feeling that this is how all the world will look at some point in the future... Remember Pompei after the vulcano erruption?

I really liked the photographs...you should really go back thereand do an entire serie of about 40-80 photographs and try to organise an exhibition...it's a very good documentary statement.

With respect,

Mihail Ursu

mihail.ursu at gmail.com

P.s: I am a photographer too...but i've lost my way on the way... http://www.photo.net/photos/mihail.ursu

Sally Jane said...

Thank you Mihail. I actually did self publish a series of these photos in a book. I would love to get them into a small gallery some day.

TammyPatrice said...

I found you through a fashion friend's blog and discovered you wonderful photography. I am a photog and can't help but sniff out the photos where ever I go. I love exploring old home too. I go to yard sales and estate sales. Once I went to an open house/home for sale and in the attic I found 15 to 20 different pairs of emerald green pumps size 5. I love how my imagination takes off figuring on the people who once wore the clothes or used the things left behind. Looking forward to exploring your blog.