27 August 2007

Girl Crush

Last summer I happened to catch a story on NPR about a young recording artist by the name of Regina Spektor. I was intrigued by the music and the stories she was telling, but as things sometimes do, it slipped my mind to follow up and find out more about her music. A few months passed and I noticed that she was going to be playing a show at the Avalon in Hollywood . I still had not heard her music and I’m usually reluctant to go to a show where I don’t know any of the songs. It’s not that I don’t like live music, I do. I would just rather be familiar with an artist before seeing them perform. I feel like I can be more involved with the music that way. Well, despite my usual hesitations, I decided to give it a whirl. I gathered up a couple of friends and headed out to the show. Needless to say, I was completely blown away. The voice, the songs, the command of the stage; she has it all. Just her, a piano and an occasional drum stick. When I got home, I hit up iTunes and loaded up with songs from a variety of her records. Not only is she super talented in the music department, she has a killer look and style. I love that her type of beauty challenges the standards of what we see in magazines and movies today. She’s timeless, as if she stepped right out of another decade. Lucky for me, she’s playing LA again this October. If she comes to a city near you, I highly recommend it.

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