13 August 2007

It's Officially Official

I've been bitten by the Fall bug big-time. Here's what I'm looking forward to once the weather cools a bit.

Mini dresses of all varieties. The first two are from Topshop (thank goodness they finally decided to delivery to the US). The bottom two are Delia's and Forever 21. All are meant to be worn with...

Lots of colorful tights. All of these are from Urban Outfitters. I love knee socks too, but feel they look a little too young on me on their own. Layering them over tights is the perfect solution...

The first two are criminally cute and from Anthropologie. Their prices seems to have skyrocketed in the past couple of years but these aren't so bad at under $30 a pair. The third pair is from Urban Outfitters . The last three are from American Apparel and I'm sure I can come up with a less slutty way to wear them. Working our way down, we come to the best part. Shoes! I'm wishing for all shapes and sizes in shades of burgundy and brown.

The top two pair are from Topshop again. Too bad the pound is killing the dollar. Damn exchange rates! The bottom two are from Urban Outfitters. The oxford is the "it" shoe of the moment and I'm certainly not immune to its appeal. The boots got an earlier mention in my vegan boots post. I'm still smitten. If not brown shoes then certainly a pair of colorful vintage inspired shoes would do the trick.

I would wear these with black tights and a vintage mini dress. The first pair is Urban Outfitters in felt. The second pair is from Anthropologie and surprisingly come in just under my self imposed $100 per item limit for this blog. Sorry for the tiny picture but that's all I can get from Anthropologie's new site. The bottom two pair are Topshop again.

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Amy said...

i love love love the topshop mary janes. i can't let myself pay around $110 plus shipping for them though.