17 August 2007

Los Angeles Street Style ???

As mentioned previously, one of my favorite time wasters at work is perusing the street style blogs that are popping up all over the internet. In all of my searching, what seems sorely lacking is a Los Angeles street style blog. Now, I’ve run across a few attempts here or there, but none that post regularly or have very artfully taken photos. If there’s one out there and I’ve missed it, I’d love to know. While I find that on the whole, Los Angeles as a city lacks the soul necessary to cultivate the creative dressing you see coming out of cities like NY and Paris, I do see quite a few people walking the street with inspirational style. I would love to start incorporating some street style shots into my posts but I haven’t quite figured out how to approach complete strangers and ask to take their photo. I’m afraid they’ll think I’m completely crazy, or worse that they’ll be completely crazy. On the way home from work yesterday, there was a woman at the bus stop that I found had an endearingly crazy-old-lady thing going on and I so wanted to take her photo. Well, I didn’t ask, but I did sneak this one in while she wasn’t looking. I love the yellow beret perched on her head the most.

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Kristina Marie said...

I just recently found your blog and when I actually find one I like..I end up going through the whole thing. ha I am enjoying your blog quite a bit! anyway, I don't know of a good LA street style blog, but I think there's a big style misconception about Texas, so..I think you should check out my Texas street style blog.