31 August 2007

My New Old Shoes

I’ve grown so accustomed to buying vintage shoes that I’m finding I don’t even like new shoes anymore. Whenever I try on a brand spanking new pair my feet suddenly feel very conspicuous, like “Hello! I have feet! And I’m wearing NEW SHOES!” Vintage shoes are already broken in; creased and scuffed in all the right places. I also find that vintage styles suit my aesthetic more than new styles. I’m not much for pointy toes or neon colors or skinny heels. Give me a sturdy pair of chunky-heeled, round-toed, granny-esque shoes any day. Hence, my favorite new pair…

Have you ever stumbled across something on EBay that you knew you just had to have? Something that had your name written all over it? Say, a lovely pair of granny shoes for example? And the thing about EBay is, even if you know you want to buy the shoes, you still have to sit and wait days and days for the auction to end, all the while fearful that some one else is going to discover your shoes and want them too. How dare they?! Well, lucky for me the EBay gods were on my side this time and my bid held out. I woke up this morning to discover that someone else had not stolen my new shoes from me. Whew! I can’t wait to wear them with black tights (or better yet some long grey scrunchy socks) and a little mod dress this fall .

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