22 August 2007

Sewing Class

I'm almost convinced that something in the universe is trying to tell me to not take this sewing class. I had my new bus route all mapped out, printed, and in hand so there was no way I could screw it up this time. Well, when I got to the bus stop, this is the scene that greeted me:

I think half of West Hollywood was on fire. Of course that's the corner my new bus stop was on and there was no way a bus was getting through there. Luckily, I was able to call my boyfriend at work and he went online and found a new bus route for me. Unluckily, I wore my favorite wedges and had to sprint half way across WeHo to catch the bus. Sadly, they paid the price.

I've actually had this problem several times lately. I buy a pair of vintage shoes in pristine condition and a few months later they are falling apart. I think the rubber heels are dry rotting. Is there any thing that can be done to prevent this? Anyway, I digress. Two buses later, I made it to class right on time. Here's a shot of my future dress. I look at the pieces and I can't imagine they're going to actually be a dress. I guess we'll see!

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