14 September 2007

Who Knew?!?

I ran across these photos earlier this year on The Sartorialist and made a mental bookmark that I would revisit them once the weather started to cool off. Well, it's still hot here but since fall weather is really just a mirage in LA, I decided to go ahead and look them up any way. I adore the military inspired coat and the way she's managed to wear the over-the-knee socks without looking too school girlish. When I read the comments on the photos I was surprised to see that several people attributed the coat to Victoria's Secret. Not exactly the first name to come to mind when one thinks of covering up. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out their selection. Well, lo and behold, there's the very coat in the picture. If it's not the exact same one, it's a stunningly good reproduction. I love the stand up collar and the brass buttons (better once they tarnish a bit). I looked around the site a bit more and found a few other really cute coats, all for under $200. Not bad, really, if you can just get past the cheesy, come-hither modeling. Here are my favorites.

First up we have the coat in question. It comes in black and bright red. Next I like this basic little grey double breasted peacoat.

I love the sunny color of this coat (even though yellow is certainly not my color) and the detail of the buttons down the back. I've been looking for a cape and this grey one looks warm and cozy.

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