19 September 2007

Wardrobe Remix 9-19

dress: vintage
tights: American Apparel
shoes: vintage (Ebay)
locket: vintage
bag: H&M

When I first traded in my car for a bus pass, I felt like my freedom and independence were being traded in as well. I’d been driving for nearly half my life by now and couldn’t imagine doing without. After a few weeks, I realized that rather than lose my freedom to go any and every where, I’d actually gained it. When I had my car, I hated driving on the freeways (actually I’ve only used them once since moving to LA) and I was always afraid to drive very far from home out of fear that my car would die.

Over the weekend, my bus pass and I traveled all the way out to Lincoln Heights to a vintage warehouse sale (I would have never dared drive that far from home). Two buses and a ride straight through the heart of Chinatown later, I arrived. As soon as I saw the “No Boys Allowed” sign on the door, I knew I was in heaven. There were racks and racks of the most beautiful dresses and coats spread throughout the space. There was a sale pile to be picked through as well with everything bearing a $3 price tag. There were couches and beds set up to lounge on with magazines and snacks if you wanted to just relax (who could with all the shopping to do?) Mirrors were propped against the walls and girls walked around in all stages of undress pulling dresses off racks and trying them on. It’s definitely not for the shy or self conscious, but I have to say it created a fun, sisterhood type atmosphere. At one point, I was trying on a dress and a girl across the room yelled out how cute it looked on me.

I’ve been to other vintage sales where the competition to get the best and the most creates a very unpleasant experience. The weekend before, I went to a parking lot sale where, in the frenzy to grab as much as possible, some one elbowed me in the face and snatched my own sweater out of my hand. I left feeling bruised, defeated and with out my sweater. I love vintage shopping, but that just took all the joy out of it.

I snagged this long sleeve vintage dress as well as several others that will be going up in the store in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to go back for more!


- jesse said...

That sounds so fun. Also, I just realized I never mailed your capelet! I got sidetracked looking for a box but I'll just bring it to work tomorrow and use a FedEx box instead! Doy!

Rhiannon said...

Those shoes!!! They are just perfect. :)

suburbanqueen said...

That place does sound like heaven :)

The Happy Hippie said...

That dress is just gorgeous, seriously. I would LOVE to find such a heavenly place, I know that's what "The Vintage Society" has in mind for her shop in the future, and it sounds so lovely. (I'm not terribly shy or self-conscious) It sounds like the perfect atmosphere for not only great shopping, but possibly making some new shopping buddies! :]

Sally Jane said...

Jesse - no problem!
Rhiannon - thanks! They are my new favorite shoes. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of them in my photos.
Suburban Queen - it is heaven, seriously!
Happy Hippie - Yes, I think The Vintage Society is modeling her store after this one. It is a great set up. It manages to take away all the petty competition that girls tend to harbor and makes shopping a lot of fun. Also, I know it may sound weird, but after all the images of "perfect" female forms we are bombarded with everyday, it was refreshing to see real girls feeling comfortable with themselves.

thealchemist said...

that vintage warehouse sounds amazing and that dress is great!!