06 September 2007

Style Bytes

I know I'm a bit late to catch on to this one, but I'm relatively new to the blogging world so you'll have to forgive me. Most of you have been watching and taking notes for month if not years, but I have only just discovered the wonderfulness that is Agathe from StyleBytes. I love that every one of her ensembles is completely obtainable, both style-wise and budget-wise. This isn't some spoiled rich girl that always looks fabulous because she's wearing the latest designs straight off the runway. She possesses a natural sense of style that can't be bought. Seriously, you've got to have some real style to look good gutting a fish. I also love that you can see the same dress or t-shirt pop up in different photos weeks or months apart, showing all the variations you can achieve with one favorite piece. So, for all of theses reasons, I've dubbed Agathe Sally Jane Vintage's "IT Girl of the Month". Thanks for all the inspiration, Agathe!


- jesse said...

This is one my my favorite style sites! I love that she also has a DIY section. I was planning on featuring her DIY projects link in a post soon.

Filó said...

LOve, LOve the outfitsssssss!!
I love vintage too, and i am always trying to find more treasures from the past ahahahahah... Kissesss