04 January 2008

An Award? For Little Ole Moi?

Lady N from Flair was kind enough to tag me with a Thinking Blogger Award. I’m obviously delighted and flattered to be recognized by a fellow blogger. She had this to say about my wee little blog:

Another thrifted fashion blog that I love because I love Sally Jane’s wardrobe remixes. She owns an online vintage shop which she is currently thrifting for as she makes her move from LA to the East Coast. How fun is that, to be thrifting for a living? She has the best vintage finds in her shop – making me think of thrifting and vintage in a whole new way.

Lady N, you’re making me blush! I’ve really got to get back to those Wardrobe Remixes soon. I consider my blog to still be a work in progress. I try to keep the tone light and positive and it’s been a great creative outlet for me. Hopefully over the next year it will continue to grow and reach even more people all over the globe. Thanks a million to everyone reading!

If I understand the concept of The Thinking Blogger Award correctly, after being tagged I’m supposed to pass along this honor to four other blogs. I’ve seen the award pop up on most of the fashion blogs I frequent so I’m going to go a different route and honor four non-fashion related blogs that give me daily pleasure. In no particular order:

The Daily Coyote: Ever dream of just dropping out and living in the wilderness far away from people and cities and all the madness? That’s exactly what Shreve has done. After making a cross country trip on her Vespa (for cryin' out loud!) she settled in Wyoming and is now raising a coyote that was abandoned by its mother as a pup. I enjoy her photos, her writing and the idea that she’s out there making it on her own terms.

Where’s The Revolution: Written by a vegan who loves to cook this blog is filled with lots of yummy recipes and ideas for the aspiring vegan (or staunch vegetarian in my case). She also brings to light issues ranging from animal cruelty to living green. Plus the site is goldmine of links to other great environmental, political and animal rights blogs.

Cute Overload: OK, if you haven’t already heard of this one, you’ve obviously been living under a rock. If I’m feeling the least bit down or stressed at work I hop right on over to CO to fill my daily dose of puppies, kittens or whatever adorable animal that pops up from time to time. Cute otters, anyone? Bear cubs? Squirrels? You can find it all here.

SnipHits (and Misses): In her own words, Betty is “not your average garden-variety PTA mom. This blog is not PG-13. I live with bikers, date musicians, have a sailor for an ex-husband, and I am related to a family of schizophrenics and manic depressives. I am bipolar and constantly teetering on the verge of poverty, heartbreak, or insanity. I heartily enjoying cursing, drinking, sex, and knitting.” That pretty much says it all. Well, except for the part where she’s a phenomenal writer with a blazing wit, a self-deprecating sense of humor and is achingly honest about her daily trials and tribulations. I think she just might be the next Dooce.

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geek-betty said...

wow! really...just wow! I'm so flattered. I actually blushed a bit. Thank you so much.