06 February 2008

What I'm Wearing

click for larger pictures

t-shirt: vintage
belt: vintage
skirt: vintage
tights: American Apparel
shoes: vintage

Most of these items were picked up in thrift stores in Alabama. Hence, the "Southern Style". I used to walk into a thrift store and head directly to the t-shirt section. I hardly even look at tees anymore. I'm usually lost in the dress section or the coat section for hours.


munie lives in a shopping bag said...

thanx dear!!!
the pieces that u put together are soo inspiring!!!

Miss Woo said...

Such a cute T! Looks sooo good with those high waist skirt too..

Anonymous said...

question.. I am short, I have short legs and I wear skinny jeans but its so hard to find them short enough for me. got any suggestions? How do you like Philly so far? My home.. love it. I forgot my password for my blog so this comment is under anonymous


Imelda said...

Amazing outfit!!
I love the skirt and the belt!

The Vintage Society said...

my thrift store routine is similar. Dresses first, then coats, then shoes and eventually I work my way around.

sleepyhead said...

I am SO jealous of your t-shirt. Hehe, your outfit today is so awesome though.

AlicePleasance said...

I like a lot the tees + high waisted skirts mix :-)

Isabel said...

I'm still stuck in the t-shirt section of thrifting. Which means that I like yours a lot.

Sally Jane said...

Anonymous: Rather than try to find jeans short enough to fit, you should consider having them altered. There are some great links out there telling you how to do it yourself or you can take them to your local alterations shop.

I'm in Lancaster but have already been into Philly for a show. It's great so far! Just a bit colder than I'm used to.