05 March 2008

What I'm Wearing

dress: vintage
blazer: vintage
belt: vintage
scarf: vintage
tights: H&M
boots: Urban Outfitters


Renée S. said...

This looks really fab!

Renée S. said...

But how can you manage to sell those vintage pieces (in your webshop) and not keep them yourself?

WendyB said...

Your hair looks great!

Sally Jane said...

Thanks Renee and WendyB!

Renee - That's definitely the hardest part! Sometimes I find things that I really don't want to part with but I can't keep it all. My closet isn't big enough ;)

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addicted said...

i love that blazer! you are a vintage queen!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing wearing this dress!

Imelda said...

Amazing outfit!
I love the dress!

Karima said...

love the diagonal stripes and the way you combine everything!