15 March 2008

What I'm Wearing

shirt: American Apparel
jacket: H&M
skirt: thrifted and altered
tights: Undercover
shoes: H&M
scarf: vintage

This is a smoke stack for one of the old furnaces that helped power the cork factory in which I now live. There is a lot of construction going on around our apartment due to the renovations and many of the buildings have been left open. I plan on sneaking inside and taking a look around. But for now we're off to eat some Thai food.


Hailey said...

It's great how the warmer weather makes it easier to take outdoor shots ;-) Also, your home is oozing character.

LML said...

cool skirt - very gwen stefani!

just_alex said...

i like this pattern on your short skirt;)
you have got really nice style;)

katarina said...

hey beyb, like your skirt *

Anonymous said...

the skirt is awesome!

The Clothes Horse said...

Mmm...Thai food. Cool outfit and nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely!!
I love your skirt!

Kate said...

the skirt is so cute!