16 April 2008

What I'm Wearing

shirt: vintage
shorts: vintage
cardigan: vintage
suspenders: H&M
tights: UO
boots: vintage
on the iPod: People in Planes

I'm off the the thrift store again. Today I'm wearing two of my favorite finds from last week: a little floral print button up shirt and a boy's cardigan. I'm enjoying my walks now that the weather has turned beautiful. The Bradford pear trees are all in bloom.


Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

Cute shorts, love the floral shirt

Angie said...

I love the button-up shirt and cardigan. I've been searching for a men's style cardigan for the longest time now.

copperoranges said...

oh! i finally tried the shorts + tights look .. i think it went over well!

super cute as always :)

Belle said...

the weather looks lovely and so do you! if you cut the shorts yourself, were they regular bootcut or what? i'm planning on taking the scissors to some old jeans but they have a weird fit so i'm not sure if i'd like the outcome.

Sharon Rose said...

I love the outfit! I did the tights and shorts combo first time round in the late 80s-I feel too old now, at 38!! Ha-Ha!! Seriously though, its an ace look and you are rocking! Hope you get some finds today!!

Cate said...

i love your outfit, especially the shirt, the shorts and the cardigan! oh and the boots are ace too! ok i love everything ^^

Missa said...

That shirt is SO sweet, love this outfit!

Isabel said...

The suspenders look so great with the outfit! Shorts already, I can't believe its finally spring!

Sally Jane said...

Belle: These were vintage men's jeans that I cut off. They probably had a straight leg. I find that men's jeans make much better cut-offs.