16 June 2008


Thank you to everyone that commented to let me know that Sally Jane Vintage had been mentioned on Hel-Looks. I was so excited to find out! Hel-Looks was one of the first street fashion sites I discovered and I've been following it faithfully for the past couple of years. I have so many of their photos saved in my inspiration file. The only thing that could top this would be walking down the streets of Helsinki and having my picture taken! :)

And also, Hi to Essi in her adorable high waisted shorts. Thanks for reading my blog!


Isabel said...

That is SO cool! We love you, Sally Jane!

P.S. -Hipster Musings has relocated to www.riotgrrrlstuff.blogspot.com. Will you update your links list for me, pretty please?

Lena said...

thats the way i found your blog, actually :)
hel-looks really is amazing.

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats! that's really awesome!
go sjv!!!

nightmarecath said...

i love yours blogg sally jane.!^^
U r super style.
I find this blogg in a hel looks.
: )

love U
(i come form polad.:D)

Daiane said...

this is great! congrats, i'm happy for you, and keep up the good work! kisses!

Jtalk said...

hey I love your blog It's really inspiring... I found you from hel-looks :)

Thayna said...

I am Brazilian and I saw the comment in her blog hel looks.So decided to enter this blog and thought spectacular. Thank you for the ideas of fashion!