12 July 2008

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

I've spent the afternoon in my pj's working on some sewing projects and going cross-eyed looking through Flickr groups like this one. I finally, finally altered a vintage bathing suit that I bought last summer. It's red, white and blue, from the 50's and perfectly all-American nostalgic. I haven't decided if the ol' world wide web gets to see me in a bathing suit just yet so no photos for you. Yikes! Tomorrow we're off on a road trip adventure to Maryland. I'm sure to return with tons of photos. Those you'll get to see!


Anonymous said...

can u do me a big favour? (:
my sis is in Philadelphia but she doesnt know where are the locations fr thrift stores.can you tell me a few that you know of?
thnx! :D

esme and the lane way said...

I do love these old photos. This one inspires me to don my knee high socks and a drop-waisted dress – though it'd need tights and a biiiig coat at the moment!

michelle said...

Have fun in Maryland! :)

Cammila said...

At first I thought the girl on the right was puffing a cigar. Which seemed oddly fitting!

Can't wait to see some pics of the bathing suit!

Anonymous said...

about the bathing suit pics...altough I'm pretty sure you look wonderfull in it, if you don want to post that pic is totally comprehensible...just show us the bathing suit please!

Lady Melbourne said...

Ooo that photo is adorable!
Looks like I've missed some great outfits while I've been away, I have some reading to do!

Gabsterr said...

i would really love to see the bathing suit!

leslie & pam said...

this old photo is so cute! i love those lazy days!

come check our blog out

Annie said...

I love retro bathing suit pics from Flickr!
Although these ladies remind me of the girls from Some Like it Hot, in a run-around-the-beach-drinking-and-chasing-millionaires way.

Love the blog, and your dogwood tattoo is a-maz-ing!

L. said...

Such an awesome, decadent photo. I love photoes where the subjects seem to be having an awesome time.

I've also picked you for a Brillante Weblog Award. I think your blog is really inspiring. See my post for details (it's kind of like a tagging thing)

turquoisepassion said...

you could just take a picture of the swimsuit if you're really uncomfortable taking a picture of you wearing it.

LML said...

great pic! thats awesome that ur revamping a vintage bathing suit!

Sally Jane said...

Thanks for all of your comments!

Anonymous: I wish I could help out but I haven't been to any of the thrift stores in Philly (I live about an hour outside of the city). When ever I go to a new place I use Google or Yelp to find cool places to go. Maybe she can try that. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

l. : Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out.

For all of you that inquired, I've posted a photo of the bathing suit in my new post. Thanks again!