01 August 2008

Fall Inspiration

It's that time of year when the temperatures are the hottest, the sun is the highest and the humidity is the worst. The Fall/Winter catalogues that have begun arriving in my mailbox are a complete tease. I'm flipping through page after page of chunky knits, woolly tights and pretty tweed skirts all the while sitting in my apartment in front of a fan, trying not to melt. When I was out vintage shopping this week for the store I even bought two wool plaid skirts that I plan on shortening. I just tucked them away in the bottom of my to-sew-pile because I'll start sweating if I even look at them.

So, as I'm thinking about Fall fashion and sewing I began doing a little online browsing and ran across my new favorite time waster: The Vintage Pattern Lending Library. Sewing has always been an exercise in frustration for me. I can sew a hem or take in a seam or two but every time I start to sew something from scratch, those pattern pieces laid out before me become an insurmountable task. If there's ever a reason to gather myself and try again it's the wonderful collection of vintage patterns available from the VPLL. I've been watching a lot of old Myrna Loy movies on TCM so I'm a bit partial to this collection of 1930's patterns but they have designs dating from the 1840's to the 1950's.

1930's Patterns
1930's Patterns


Adiel said...

Fall fashion is tempting me as well. I must resist because I quite enjoy the warmth and summer attire.

I've just taken up sewing so thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out!

allison said...

I love vintage patterns but I'm a terrible seamstress. But these patterns are so adorable I might start a sewing class.

AsianCajuns said...

I love these illustrations. I can't sew for the life of me, but I'm always attracted to vintage patterns because of the envelope illustrations.

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

ohhh, lovely.