16 September 2008

Four Ways - Sweater Vest

I suppose it would be more accurate to title this post "Four Looks" rather than "Four Ways" since there's really only one way to wear a sweater vest. But in interest of continuity, "Four Ways" it shall be. This is one of my recently thrifted items that I can already tell will be a staple of my wardrobe come cooler weather. I'm looking forward to pairing with just about every thing from dresses to jeans, from button downs to t-shirts. Once the weather really cools off, I'll be piling even more layers on top, pairing the vest with blazers and my beloved faux leather motorcycle jacket. Here's a breakdown of what you see here:
  • With a patterned vest like this one, you can layer it over a solid basic like a little black dress and let it be your pop of color. A belt wrapped around the waist gives this look a little shape.
  • Sadly, the subtleties of this pairing have been lost in the photo. I've paired the vest with a herringbone skirt and a tiny polka dot blouse. Not that you can tell. I was trying to demonstrate mixing patterns and textures but the details just didn't show up. Well, I guess you'll have to use your imaginations on this one! ;)
  • A vest is always a sure thing paired with jeans. My basic skinny jeans and favorite tee become a little something more when layer with the vest.
  • I also like to wear it with a pair of wide leg jeans and a little boy's button down. With the wide leg of the jean, I like the shrunken fit of a little boy's shirt to keep the proportions in check.



Anonymous said...

The best is the last picture ! Love this blue jeans.

Lea said...

I love the second solution (the bag, vintage I suppose, is lovely!)

ps. I read your blog since yesterday, actually I read it all in a night. Yuor style is great, I hope I can found similar dresses and accessories in Italy.


LML said...

my favorite is the last outfit :)

Anonymous said...

i really love your "4 way"-posts

ann said...

I love your Four Ways posts :) Where did you get your skinny jeans?

Zori said...

Lovely,thank you very much for this post. I recently bought three sweater vest from a vintage store and I am surely using one of your ideas how to wear it, if you don't mind.

Sally Jane said...

Thanks everyone! I'm going to try to do these more often.

lea: Yes, the bag is vintage.

Ann: The skinny jeans are by Superfine.

zori: Thanks so much. Please feel free to use these as inspiration!

svenskaussie said...

ooooo I hadn't thought of doing the t shirt/vest thing, what a great idea, I'm going to try that. Love your 4 Ways posts.

Nourished Mother said...

I love the Four Ways posts. My fave here is the bottom right.
I've read before here that you wear skinny jeans a lot- I am needing some for boots this winter but haven't found any. Where do you find them?

Sally Jane said...

nourished mother: The jeans I'm wearing in this photo I've had for a couple of years. They are made by Superfine and I got them in a store where I worked in LA. I don't know where else they are available. I've also found that I like Urban Outfitters, though sometimes they are cut a little low-waisted for my tastes. I just got a pair of skinny corduroys from Forever21 that are super comfy. Hope that helps!

Adiel said...

Great idea for a post, love the pattern of that vest!

futurelint said...

I really wish I had seen this BEFORE I wore this vest today.


Great styling!

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

yeah - love your 4 ways posts. :-)