27 October 2008

Caravan Style

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to window shop all over the world. London? Paris? Milan? They’re all just a click away. But sometimes the two dimensional world of the web just isn’t enough. Such is the case whenever I venture over to Caravan Style. There’s not a website out there that makes me wish I could crawl right through my computer screen and into their Shoreditch store more than Caravan Style. The shop is owned by Flea Market Style author Emily Chalmers. You can read more of me gushing about her book here (as well as see a few photos from the book). I imagine the store is filled to the gills with perfectly worn in leather suitcases, antique dressmaker’s forms, vintage rugs from around the world and well-loved furniture. In a perfect world I would hire Ms. Chalmers to decorate my home. Has anyone visited the store? Is it as perfect as I imagine?



Paradis said...

Super votre blog! =)

Cammila said...

I heart Emily Chalmers! I want to wallpaper my apartment with pages from her book. :)

Nat said...