07 October 2008

New York Shopping


Thanks again for all of the recommendations on vintage stores to check out while we were in NY. I think it would takes days or weeks to discover each and every little store. It seems they're on every street and around every corner. So here is a short synopsis of most of the vintage stores we visited on our trip. We visited more than this but a few of them have melded in my mind and I can't remember which was which. These were my favorites.

  • Daha: Ahh, boot heaven. Boots lined up against every wall, stacked on shelves, piled in corners. I’m a sucker for a great pair of boots and I’m currently on the lookout for a pair of chocolatey brown ones. I think no matter what you’re looking for you could probably find them here. In fact, I found a perfect pair, rich and brown with cute little pleats on the sides that looked and fit like a dream. However, I wasn’t prepared (or willing) to shell out well over a hundred bucks for a pair. Oh, and they have lots of cute dresses too!
  • The Dressing Room: I think the ladies that run this place are geniuses. Evil, evil geniuses. How else can you explain this store where you can vintage shop and have a cocktail at the same time. That’s right! It’s a clothing store/bar. The upstairs is stocked with independent local designers while the downstairs is filled with vintage treasures at very reasonable prices. I bought the brown dress with the lace cuffs and collar that you see in the NY photos for only $28. It needs a few minor repairs but I’m sure you’ll be seeing it pop up on my blog again soon.
  • Cobblestones: Luckily I’d been warned before going into this little shop that the owner likes to sing. A lot. So when she suddenly broke out into a chorus of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” I didn’t jump out of my skin. The place is tiny (as is the norm in NYC) and is piled floor to ceiling with treasures dating from the 20’s to the 70’s. It’s a bit like being in your crazy aunt’s attic so be prepared to dig through the piles to find what you’re looking for.
  • Stella Dallas: Unfortunately by the time we discovered this cute little shop it was getting late and we were tired from walking. That and I’d already spent my shopping budget on two dresses. Oh well. If it weren’t for those two things I’m sure I could have spent quite a bit of time and quite a bit of money in there. The prices were moderate. I found a mint green double breasted 60’s cape that's still haunting me a bit for $130. I also tried on a couple of vintage hats that could have easily come home with me for about $40. I walked out empty handed but it’s definitely one of the first places I’ll go on my next trip.
  • Screaming Mimi’s: If you’re shopping with your boyfriend this is definitely the shop to hit up. The entire front of the store is filled with guy's button downs, sweaters, vests and jackets. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a slouchy cardigan or vest of your own. There is a section of women’s clothes in the back with racks of dresses and tops.
  • “Thrift Shops”: It was recommended to me that I visit several thrift stores. Among them were Salvation Army, Housing Works and Angel Thrift Shop. As soon as I walked into the first one I could tell the definition of “thrift store” is significantly different in NY than any other place I’ve been. I suppose if you’re local and can go on a regular basis there is a chance that you’ll find something good. I found them picked over and over priced. The most interesting thing I saw in any of them was Fred Schneider from The B-52’s shopping for furniture.


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Wow--I'm so annoyed at myself for not hitting up any vintage shops last time I was in NY! :p Those places sound like fun. If nothing else, being around loads of vintage clothes is always fun, imho. ;)

Eyeliah said...

oh that cape sounds lovely, but lots to spend. That dress was really cute, 28$ in nyc is quite the deal!! I can't wait to go back and shop vintage instead of h&m.

White Lightning said...

YES you made it to cobblestones! seriously, how cuckoo is she? old school new yorker thorugh and through, she;s always lived in the hood! see, im glad i gave you the heads up. i have also been engaged in long serious conversations with her concerning george clooney's rumored homosexuality. she is what we call "A CHARACTER"

hope you had a blast

cherie said...

wow! it seems that you enjoyed your NY shopping experience!

Unknown said...

someday I will go to New York and visit all these places!

Hah, how unthrifty are city thrift stores?!

Taryn said...

Shopping period is pure therapy and It sucks that I havent been to NY in three years, but I find a good amount of cool places to shop here in ATL.

Thrift shopping= the best!

Love the blog btw, Id like to add it to my blog list if you dont mind.

Nana Erin said...

"I found them picked over and over priced."

Ah. Yes. That's a bit what thrift stores around here are like as well. The kids who run the vintage stores know when the floor is restocked, and as a result, they hit it fresh, while I (and all the other worker bees) are in the ofice. And when I get out...it's all for sale at 4 times the price at the vintage shop. I find some GREAT stuff every now and then, but you are right. I have to go often, look hard and I come away empty handed A LOT.

Anonymous said...

I had got new boots for me during my last New York trip.

Anonymous said...

that looked like so much fun, very lucky!

Meghann E said...

I hosted a clothing swap at the Dressing Room. I love their downstairs section. I got a vintage 1950's dress and a pair of Dior tights there for $15 total.

Joy Barr said...

I love the shop reviews! I can't believe you saw Schneider!! haha!