28 November 2008

What I'm Wearing

photos by Tom b.

dress: vintage
tights: AA
shoes, purse & hat: vintage

Yesterday I planned on waking up early to finish posting all of my Ebay auctions and cook our vegetarian turkey and gravy all in time to leave for Tom's sisters house for the family Thanksgiving gathering. I didn't set the alarm because I have pretty a accurate internal clock and can usually wake up on time on my own. Of course, the one day I need to wake up early I overslept! A little bit of panic set in when I rolled over and the clock said 10:40. Yikes! How did that happen?! So... long story short I cooked but didn't finish getting all of the auctions posted. Not to worry. I'm finishing them up this morning and they'll be in the store by this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

ugg I hate when that happens, but at least you look chic, love the double breasted buttons on the dress

Lauren Goddard said...

That's such a bummer! You still look lovely though, the photo with the sunlight is so pretty. I just started a blog yesterday and have you to thank for the motivation to do so!

x x x

Riikka Aaltonen said...

I overslept once this week and almost missed an important exam.
It's funny how you always tend to oversleep on the most important mornings.

Your outfit is great, though.
I'm kind of coveting your dress at the moment.
And you always have the prettiest photos.

On the sidenote - I really can't understand how you and some other top eBay-sellers find the time and patience to list items every week.
We haven't had the time to post our Etsy-items yet, even though we have been working on them for weeks now. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your dress!

Penny said...

eek!! i have no idea how you wake up without an alarm, i could sleep all day!
love your photographs, they always look so lovely :)

petrushkabiel said...

Hello...Let me introduce myself...I'm Gita, from the first time I saw your blog...I'm amazed, you always have a wonderful pictures and amazing style...You are so inspiring...How did you make such a beautiful pictures? I'm so happy if I got one pictures of mine as lovely as you have...Also have a great taste of style...

All the best wishes for you, have a nice day ;)

Unknown said...

The vintage bag is amazing.

Squishybubble said...

I adore the outfit - the dress amazes me!

Anonymous said...

lovely dress!