02 April 2009

50s Dresses & Blouses

Vintage shopping over the past couple of weeks has turned up some real treasures. Unfortunately (for me) none of them are in my size so fortunately (for you) they'll all be going into the store in the next couple of weeks. I've sort of put a self-imposed ban on all things polyester in my closet and have been on the look out for great pieces in natural fibers. I finally ran across a stash of cotton day dresses and a pretty floral pin-tucked blouse in the softest of cottons but like I said, not my size.

I've also been on the hunt for the perfect sailor blouse. I'm not the biggest fan of sailor dresses (on me) because they just come off as too juvenile although I think they're adorable on other girls. So I figured a sailor blouse would be the perfect alternative since I could pair it with a more grown up skirt. Figures I would run across the perfect one this week (in a poly-blend but I think I could make an exception). Of course, it's not my size either.



Stephanie said...

Hi! I saw on your etsy profile that you are in Lancaster, PA. I'm a student at Penn, and I was wondering if you could tell me some great vintage stores either in Philly (if you ever some here) or in Lancaster, if I ever go there.


Also, when are you posting the beige polka dot dress, or am I too late already?

Sally Jane said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for checking out my blog and Etsy store.

If you ever visit Lancaster you'll have to go to Mammalicios/Smilin' Gal, Zapp & Co and Pop. They're all within a couple of blocks of each other in downtown. I haven't been exploring in Philly to find any good vintage shops yet.

The polka dot dress has not been sold yet. I'll be putting it into my Etsy store next week. Thanks again!

Karina said...

oh I am the same way about poly. it makes it easier to stay within my shopping budget when I make rules like this (only to be broken for fab finds).

i read tons of blogs for work and yours is my absolute fav. i love that you post everyday. you are really good at what you do.

becky said...

I have the same ban with all things non natural fibered, although miss out on some pretty fabrics I think it's definitely worth it!

And the beige polka-dot dress is beautiful. :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

That polka dot dress is absolutely amazing, as is the sailor blouse. I have a ban on online shopping (or I'd never get anything done), but you always have such lovely things that it tests my (already pathetic) willpower to the limit! :)

Christy said...

That polka dot dress is just lovely! I so hope it turns out to be my size and that I manage to snap it up before someone else does ;)

Denise said...

hey Sally,
for the past days i've been going through the death certificates of my great grandmother, trying to figure out what they use to wear. It turned out that the peach cotton day dress is what my mother use to see her grandmother wear.
So my point to all this, is if youi could tell me about in what year would that dress have been made?
thanks you
P.S I love the clothes you put up for sale

Sally Jane said...

Denise: Thanks so much for reading my blog! The peach colored dress is from the 1950's. That style was quite popular during those years. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I really feel you on the sailor inspired pieces. They look amazing on other girls but I'm 25 and self conscious about looking young.

I like how you wear some school girl outfits while still balancing the look for a modern take on womanhood.