16 May 2009

Dogwoods in Bloom

top: silk camisole from H&M
skirt: 50s wool pleated
shoes: 30s oxfords
purse: vintage embroidered handbag

This morning Tom and I woke early and headed to a local estate auction. It was being held at one of the big, old homes here and really we just wanted to be able to go inside the house and snoop around. The only clothes up for auction were men's and baby stuff (I have a sneaking suspicion that someone got to the women's clothes before the sale) so I didn't buy anything but there were a million other amazing things to make my head spin. The woman that lived in the house was an artist and her studio was still filled with oil portraits and charcoal sketches. She also collected art books and classical music on vinyl. There were also family photo albums filled with tiny tin-types, each lovingly hand labeled with names. Whenever I see something like that for sale I always wonder why someone in the family didn't hold onto it. Perhaps there's no family left? I was most tempted by a collection of well-worn stuffed animals but didn't want to stay all day waiting for them to be auctioned. So in the end, we left empty handed but at least we got to peek around inside the house.


devaneante said...

Spring spirit :) Beautiful top. And I have to say again, I really like the frames that you put on photos ;) Your blog is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

oo sounds fascinating and fun!

Anonymous said...

wow sounds amazing :)
avid fan of your blog ;)
Nicky x x

E.B. Finds said...

I go to estate sales and auctions for the exact same reason! I love to see how other people live and what the insides of their homes are like. Does that make me a voyer?

Anonymous said...

beautiful outfit. you're right, its a shame when people don't hang onto old memoribilia like photo albums.


ainikki said...

I love to see the insides of other peoples houses too. When its dark I always try to look through windows:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, you're a vegetarian right? Cool! I'm one too, but i'm the plus size version of vegetarian. Haha. Anyway,love your blog!

Vintage Vinyl said...

Lovely oxfords - I adore the creamy top!!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

pretty pretty, the oxfords are fantastic!! The graphics on your blog rule!

jess s//