23 May 2009

She promises the earth to me and I believe her...*

dress: 30s dress liner
shoes & purse: vintage
*listening to: The Beatles - Rubber Soul "Girl"

Things I'm doing today:
  • taking more photos for Etsy listings (Professor's Collection tomorrow!)
  • eating a bowl of fresh cherries - yummmm.
  • bathing my cat (he has issues)
  • admiring the new (old) purse I bought on Etsy (photos to come!)
  • rewatching my favorite scenes from Across the Universe (I hate musicals but I loved this)
  • watching this video and laughing my ass off
  • going to a baseball game with Tom and having ballpark junk food for dinner


noirohio vintage said...

What a good day you have planned!!!
HAHAHAH i'm always a sucker for any kitty video. this one is hilarious.
LOVE that lil' dress you're wearing too!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

great print on that dress liner, wonder what the dress looks like that went to it (?) have fun at the ball game, days at sporting events are fun!

jess s//

AlicePleasance said...

MMMh, cherries, apricots, peaches, melon...it's so wonderfully hot (we're in the 30s°C!) I eat almost only fruits and vegetables!

I bought Glamour Italy today and saw your lil feature: congratulations :-)

Hannah said...

I was a bit worried at first about that video but it's really cute! Sounds like you're having a great weekend, I've been cleaning all day :(

TaĆ­s Oliveira said...

wow, how many things you planned, I couldn't do it in one day, I think I'm slow, lol
the video is really funny

dearilou said...

I have found that people have one of two very stron views on Across the Universe: they either hate it or they love it. Passionately, both ways.
I happen to LOVE it.
Great dress!

Anonymous said...

love the dress! rubber soul is my favorite beatles album, and across the universe was fantastic!

Ashlee said...

such a pretty summer dress...

and what a silly little video.

Freddie said...

oh my goodness that video was hilarious, and adorable. Thank you for sharing ;)

Leah said...

sounds like a lovely day!
meant to say how much i loved your post on yellow dresses, too, especially that modcloth flapper one. yellow is one of my favourite colours, and i always wish i could find more dresses in simple bright shades of it.
love your blog and shop!

Rain said...

I love your vintage & feminie style! Lovely dress! x

IDASTYLE said...

love your dress- its so cute! :)
really nice photos btw,

All love Ida.

Lara said...

This dress is just fantastic! I am wanting print dresses so bad now that it is warmer out!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely! Also: Rubber Soul = awesome.