29 June 2009

Denim Jackets

photos from Turned Out

This kooky summer weather makes it a bit hard to get dressed in the mornings. The temperatures rise and fall from day to day and I'm never quite sure if I'm going to need a light jacket or not. Seeing the photos of these casual cool girls makes me realize a light colored denim jacket might be just the thing to take along on those unpredictable days.

Topshop, Forever21, Modcloth, Anthropologie


Wanderlusting said...

Very true - I totally find myself reaching for my one (lonely) denim jacket on those days, nothing looks better over a dress!

X0X0 Lusty


chie said...

lovely! i like how she pairs with black dress!


Anonymous said...

I have a dark denim Gap jacket, but light look cute too hmm

joanita said...

love it

Hippie Frou Frou said...

i wish it would chill out enough for me to add an extra layer like these nice denim jackets..

jess s//

ann said...

i'm so glad denim jackets are coming back in style. i just plucked an old favorite out of the closet at my parents' house this weekend!

AlicePleasance said...

Yes, the temperature is crazy here too. I'd love to find a teeny tiny denim jacket!

Lexie said...

my sister and i recently picked up the cutest denim jacket from a consignment shop! i love it!

ModMandy said...

Hey Sally-Jane Vintage! Thank you so much for posting our denim jacket on your blog! :)

<3 Mandy

Isabel said...

I'm really liking the light denim one!