18 August 2009

Root's Country Market & Auction


Today we headed out to Root's Country Market & Auction. Or, as the locals call it - Root's. You'd think you would pronounce that like you would a tree root or a 70s movie starring Levar Burton, but no. You'll quickly learn around here that it's one of the peculiarities among the locals that things are not always pronounced as they seem. For instance, you can always tell a local from a tourist by the way they say "Lancaster". You can spot the locals rolling their eyes as outsiders butcher the pronunciation - saying it as you would Burt Lancaster's last name. If you're ever in town, just so you know... it's LANK-as-ter. I still don't think I say Root's quite the right way. It's something like Ruhtz but apparently I need a little more practice.

Anyhooo... we headed out to Root's or Ruhtz or however you say it on a quest for items to put in our new house. Unfortunately the extreme heat was driving most of the vendors away just as we arrived. It was barely 11AM and people were already packing up their tables and heading for cooler temps. At one booth I spotted a tray of pretty baubles I wanted to sort through but just as I walked up to the table the lady behind it started waving her hands and shouting "VĂ¡monos!" Geez. OK, lady! No need to be so rude about it!
Since I was specifically looking for old fruit crates for storage I made a quick sweep through the flea market stands but came up empty handed. Well, not quite empty handed. Instead of fruit crates I ended up with a old folding measuring tape, a vintage button card and a little pair of clip-on shoe bows (that need a good cleaning now that I'm looking at these photos). After picking up those tid-bits I quickly found an indoor corner with a fan and promptly melted into a puddle on the floor.



Lemondrop Marie said...

Wow. A vendor chasing you away? Heat makes everyone crazy. Looks like there were so many tempting things there- would love to go.

Ashley said...

Love the orange plaid dress you are wearing. :) Think it matches your hair colour!
It looks like a lovely place to treasure hunt. How I wish there are such places in my country.

Capricioustraveler said...

Looks like a dream! I wish i lived closer to things like this.. Amazing!

Ms. B said...

Look at all the books! I love going through old books! I also really like the bow clips!

Looks like you had a great time except for the weird lady not wanting to make any money, sheesh!


susan said...

Ruhtz - that's funny!

Katerina said...

unfortunately there is no many stores like this left...i like your dress....

corrie said...

Haha, this story makes me want to go to Lancaster. Sounds like it's got a lot of character.

I love your little finds too, they remind me of my dad's house, which he and his lady have filled with lots of random antique and flea market items.

Eli said...

I want those little bows! The possibilities with them!

Anonymous said...

i love this
beautiful shots..great photography

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caramelizedvintage said...

Looks like it was sweltering fun. Must have been hot for the lady to be so rude. Maybe next time you'll find some crates. And I love the measuring tape!

Isabel said...

Damn, you lucked out on the shoe bows! I've always wanted to find a pair of shoe clips and have been so far unsuccessful.

svenskaussie said...

I love your short frock, it looks perfect for the extreme heat.

recklessdaughter said...

ew, I hate went vendor close up early! so irritating.

look how cute you are leaning up against that book shelf! adorable. that is A LOT of books.

diane munsch said...

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I am in love with your site.
the flea market looks awesome.
I love everything old and this spot
looks like a treasure trove of delightful finds.
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tracy mitchell said...

great post! we have the same kind of place called denio's farmer's market and auction, or 'denios' or 'the auction.' there's even a book vendor like the one you're standing in! you go there, and melt, and leave with loads of goodies!