21 October 2009

Etsy Update

Lots of new pieces going into the Etsy shop today! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!



ShopKim said...

I'm so bummed the midge tunic already sold!!

Christy said...

That red corduroy jumper is adorable!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

your on a roll with the etsy updates. way to go, i wish i could be that dedicated!

Summer said...

Great stuff. Looking forward on your next post. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

VestedBeeVintage said...

OMG I seriously want all of them. They will all be gone in a flash!!! Just like the Mr Picwick vest that I had my heart set on! That girl who got that vest was very super fast & very lucky!;)

Anonymous said...

these looks are totally flawless, thanks for sharing

check out my blog @

Anonymous said...

Some lovely pieces! Keep up the good work!

Polly x


I'm in complete and utter love with that fabulous cardigan *sigh*



Bug said...

Loving your new blog layout and these lovely pieces! Congrats on the move and your new blog :)


caramelizedvintage said...

I love the red dress, the 70s wrap sweater, and that vest! Great update!

St├ęphanie said...

Your shop is fabulous !

Juliet said...

If I hadn't spend all my money on prints I'd be getting that vest!

juliet xxx

hmw said...

i think i'm a day late... did the 70's belted cardigan sell?


Jenny said...

ouha!! i want see you in all this outfit
xoxo from France

Pretty Pirate said...

Wow, I am in love with that colorful vest, going to check it out right now, hopefully it's still there. Also, I have a purple plaid dress in my store now too! :) If you are interested in seeing it here is the link