05 October 2009

Random Things

A teaser from the Lyell Fall Lookbook, which I've been obsessively checking back to see more

If you can believe it, I've been quite sick again for the past three days, explaining my blog absence. For some reason I always had it in my head that I could really only get sick once a season, the first round giving me some sort of immunity for the next few months. Not to worry - it's nothing serious. Just a good old fashioned cold that makes unpacking even more of a chore than it usually is. Since my head's been buried in a box of Kleenex for the past few days I've got nothing fashion related to talk about. So... I figured it would be a good time to finally get around to responding to a tag I've been hit with a few times. I forget the exact rules, but it was something like "seven random things" or "ten embarrassing things" about yourself. With no further ado here is a list of sevenish random things about me...

  • Even on my happiest of days, I really prefer listening to dark, sort of depressing (in a good way) music. I think I like music that makes me feel nostalgic. Among my favorites: Leonard Cohen, Joy Division, The National.
  • One of my pet peeves is, after stating that I'm a vegetarian, people instantly ask if I eat fish. No, I don't. By definition a vegetarian does not eat fish. In the same vein, it irks me when someone says they are a vegetarian but they eat fish. If you eat fish, you are not a vegetarian. You are, however, a pescetarian.
  • For some reason or another, from my photos, people have the impression that I'm quite tall. I'm actually quite average in height. On a good day, if I stand up very, very straight, I clock in at 5'6". Not short, but not tall either. I wouldn't mind being 5'8". I think that's the perfect height.
  • I have no tolerance for any sort of finger nail maintenance. It makes my skin crawl to hear someone filing their nails. I never paint my nails (well, my toes sometimes) and have only had one manicure in my whole life - a gift from a friend.
  • I wish I made more time for reading. I love to read and always have. Unfortunately I think I read myself to sleep one too many times and now, like Pavlov's dog, have trained myself to become sleepy at the mere cracking of the cover.
  • Whenever I eat ice cream, I stir the whole bowl until it becomes half-melted-ice-cream-soup. Only then can I devour every last tasty drop.
  • I haven't stepped into a salon for a proper haircut since... hmmm, November of 2007? I know it was when we were still living in LA. Since then I've just trimmed away at the ends and bangs myself. But I think it's getting high time I let a professional step in.


Meaghan Kelly said...

LOL this was a good post! sorry to hear you're sick again! the same thing happened to me - second cold this autumn - and i also thought i would be immune after the first! i went around all cocky that i would never catch a cold again at least until winter hit!
i hope you get well soon so moving and unpacking and decorating all seem fun again!

Audi said...

I was a vegetarian for many years and it also used to drive me nuts when people asked if I ate fish -- or chicken!

Mandi said...

ha! Very interesting random things. I can relate to the vegetarian comment. Sometimes I'm even asked if I eat chicken. To which I respond with a blank stare. :)

Hope things are coming along well with the house, despite the cold!

leila wylie said...

I've been checking the Lyell website every day for that lookbook!

Jacqueline J said...

It's even better when someone claiming to be vegetarian adds that he or she also consumes chicken. That one always gets me.

And I feel you on the ice-cream soup.

calivintage said...

oh gimme more lyell!

it was fun to read your seven random things, too! i think i'm with you on the music front. :)

anja louise said...

What a bummer to be sick again! I'm just getting over my first (and hopefully only) fall cold. I've had that happen before though, where you get sick, get better, and then get sick all over again! My husband totally does the same thing with his ice cream.

Bug said...

Aww.. I hope youe feel better. Enjoyed the post :)



Eyeliah said...

I am sorry you've been sick. and I hate ot be a bother but did you ever gt my interview request? I tried emailing you twice but I ever got a response. Below are the previous interviews and those are the 7 questions I would ask you. You have been such an inspiration over the past cuple years and it would mean alot to me.
Link: http://stylesymmetry.com/category/symmetry-seven/

Anonymous said...

hey, i say vegetarian and i eat fish--i always add that right away, but if i say pescetarian people tend to get very confused (i do live in the midwest). plus, if i really wanted to be accurate i'd have to say ovolactopescetarian, and that sounds a bit pretentious and over the top, don't you think?

though i do have a "vegetarian" relative who eats chicken constantly and only red meat on occasion. whaaat?

kim said...

i'm with anonymous - i eat fish but it's just easier to tell people i'm a vegetarian. people have a hard time understanding pescetarian for some reason and a barrage of questions ensue. though, i've found it best to just say nothing at all about my particular diet. when offered meat or poultry, i usually just say no thanks instead of going into what i do and do not eat.

feel better!

lopi said...

I never paint my nails either and I am totally scared of hairdressers messing with my her.

Angela said...

Loved this post......totally with you on the veg-pescetarian ordeal, most people when I tell them I'm a vegetarian ask me whether I eat chicken, ooook. I usually don't even tell them my preferences, because I then get barraged with questions as to why and when and what I eat. And I also thought you were taller than 5'6. Great camera work then hahahahahaha
I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago too!! my email name was ounacloset@yahoo.com.
Feel better soon!!!

sarah said...

I can completely, entirely relate to your fishy annoyance, as people ask me that all the time, too. Where does it ever say that fish isn't flesh?
And it reassures me that I am not the only one who thinks manicures are silly. ;)

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

haha, yeah i usually make the assumption that i will be sick only once a year too.

electricat said...

hahahaa, I love you! I loved your post and i can totally relate to what you have to say. youre just brilliant :)

i do hope you feel better, as i was sick myself this past weekend and it was the worst.ever. Especially since you are also moving. That just makes you more amazing though !

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia, we have an 'energy drink' called Milo... which is kind of like Ovaltine, but crunchier. It adds a whole other dimension to the ice cream soup scenario! Try it if you can - you'll never go back!

caramelizedvintage said...

The National are great! The first concert I ever attended was to see them! It was such an amazing experience! I could feel the base reverberating in my heart.

I can also relate to shying away from nailcare. I don't ever do anything with my nails besides cut them.

And I'm sorry that you're sick again. I think it is crazy to get sick twice in such a short amount of time! I hope you feel better soon!

melly said...

My favourite thing to find out about people is what music they listen to, now I feel like we connect a little more just cos we both listen to Joy Division and The National, ha!

Real nice to know :]

Rebecca said...

I'm so with you on that fingernail thing - growing up, I couldn't stand to see/hear my mom filing her nails. When mine get to an annoying length, I just cut them as short as I can. That noise is too terrible!

Hope you're recovering from your cold!

AlicePleasance said...

So nice to read all these things about you! I am the same as you for nostalgic music...
I also thought you are quite tall! For me it's often the opposite: looking at my pictures people think I'm quite small, while I'm 5'8"!

Anki said...

The model is soo pretty! ________________________

anki said...

I was one of those who thought you were much taller than you are, but if I counted your weird american units right, you're exactly as short as I am.
With ice cream we're not so alike. I think ice cream is onely edible when solid. Molten ice cream is like milk = bad.

Starr Crow said...

um... are you my long lost twin?

I'm not a vegetarian (love my meat!), but everything else on the list is pretty much dead on. Oh, except that I'm 5'7" (and a half!), but close enough. :)

Love stirring my icecream to death, hate painting fingernails/ filing fingernails (any of that girlie maintenance). I have had one manicure and one pedicure in my whole life, and one of those was a gift!

I looove to read and wish so bad I could do it more, but it puts me to sleep, too. It's funny b/c I'm always so envious of anyone who has the patience to keep up their nails and the ability to read, so it's nice to see that not *everybody* does that stuff.

P.S. Love me some of The National!