09 November 2009


see more photos at Urban Weeds: The Sunroom

Seeing these photos from Content in Portland is making me wish for three things: to visit Portland (so much talent in one city!), to stay in an Ace Hotel (seriously, they look amazing!) and see more images of what designers wear (so many cute tights!).



Anonymous said...

Portland is on my list of cities to check out too!

Miss Jo said...

ohhh i love portland

VestedBeeVintage said...

I would love to visit there as well. I wish to travel and see the world some day even if I'm 90 years old!!!!

bravegrrl said...

i love the outfit the girl is wearing in the first photo!

Mamushka Marie said...

oh how i love Portland! i've been only once, but someday hope to visit (move to!) the northwest again. seriously amazing place. i'm loving all the white tights, i have a few, but seeing these photos makes me want more patterned pairs!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

So cute I love Oregon in general...so beautiful!