17 November 2009

Etsy Update

I've got a big ol' shop update in the works. A few of these pieces are already available and the rest will be soon! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

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VestedBeeVintage said...

That tapestry purse is sooo lovely!
and the boots!!! oh my! super awsome!

Katy said...

Oh, I love those blue suede boots! And the tapestry purse!

Bree said...

beautiful new items!

Katie said...

LOVE the purses :)

laura said...

oh man! that pink sweater is ALREADY gone?!? :(

Lexie said...

oooo the bags and shoes are really tempting!

Heidi said...

great oxfords.
great bags.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pieces as always darling
beautiful patterns, fun shapes, and interesting prints
thanks for sharing!

check out my blog @

Ashley said...

Beautiful finds! Love the red dress with peter pan collar.

Corinna said...

amazing finds! i wish i would come across things like that on my shopping sprees

VintageFrantic said...

What beautiful items! I just love the tapestry purse, although all of them are just adorable :)

tupersonalshopperviajero said...

Love purses + shoes.