21 February 2010

Pictures of You

Here are a couple more shots of lovely ladies sporting their SJV finds. You can see these ladies on their equally lovely blogs: A Thought is the Blossom and Mes Lunettes Folles. I love seeing these pieces in action! Giving new lives to clothes that have been tossed aside is one of the things that thrills me most about doing what I do. Keep 'em coming! If you have a photo of yourself wearing something you bought in the shop please send it along so I can share it here. :)



Live It Orange said...

Love the two pictures on the top so much. Hope you had a great weekend so far :)

Eunice said...

So inspiring to see vintage clothes in action! :) the ladies all look beautiful and I love how they all styled them differently.

Delightfully Tacky said...

I love A Thought Is The Blossom, she's so cute.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

cool. as long as you keep putting out great clothes, we'll keeps sending in the photos. you do such a great job with keeping up an incredible vintage shop and i admire you for that!

and thanks delightfully tacky... i think your extra cute too!

aurora. said...

cool pics!
i love the top two
theyre awesome :)

cool blog


Trish said...

Wow.. someone said my picture ended up on here. haha Anyway, I'm the Asian girl in the last picture.. I got my necklace from a show in Boston and it's designed from vintage material! :)


Laurel said...

Lovely! Your Etsy shop is the best. I am ALWAY wearing the black T-Straps I bought from you (if you check out my blog or flickr stream you will see them featured in majority of my outfit posts!). I LOVE them x

Kitty said...

I love the dress in the top left :)

Alli XT said...

thanks so much for the lovely nod-I'm a big fan of your shop and love sporting my SJV finds.