28 February 2010

Two drifters, off to see the world


Here are a few photos of the Fall Winter 2010 Moon River collection from Family Affairs. I'm really loving these fashion shows that don't look like fashion shows, set up like fake stage plays or dioramas. Here is a little information from the designers about the collection...

The Fall Winter 10 collection is darkly romantic and a little mystical with a muted color palette; inspired by the snow covered valleys and rich velvet details seen in Roman Polanski's 1967 film Fearless Vampire Killers.

The heroine of Moon River is holed up in a mountain house made of wood - simple and honest, in a pristinely beautiful setting with snow and mountains all around. Sitting at the kitchen table with a fire going, tea and cake and a fat cat by her side, reflecting on the ocean voyages she's taken and enjoying the peace and beauty of being in nature.


I've never seen Fearless Vampire Killers but since I sort of nerd out about anything vampire related I have a sneaking suspicion I would like it even though it looks sort of campy and silly. At least there are pretty costumes and Sharon Tate certainly isn't hard to look at. I definitely see the inspiration showing through in the collection; the orange velvety dress and the over all dark tones. I think my favorite piece is the mustard colored coat in the behinds the scenes shot. I've been looking for a coat in that color for ages. It's still so cold around here it seems perfectly apt to be coveting a winter coat even though all I can really do is think about spring.



Initials.CC said...

un coucou en passant !!

Des bisous de Céline & Charlotte

Live It Orange said...

I was just reading the biography of Roman Polanski, the award-winning French director the other days and it said he was married with Sharon Tate. But I haven't seen her yet. And now that I do, she was such a WOW :)
Good blog dear!


Ollie Otson said...

I like how so many fashion shows this year are becoming less stiff and serious and showing the garments in a more playful light.

Katherine said...

Love the gold velvet dress and sheer blouse in the first one! Gorgeous!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

oh the stuff is lovely!! i literally just posted about Family Affairs before I read this..strange! xx

Clare said...

Beautiful, I love shows that are more like theatre.



Anonymous said...

I got some stuff from their previous collection and I am sad to day the quality was surprisingly poor. Their shoots are always immaculately styled though.
The Fearless Vampire Killers is heaps of fun!


Sally Jane Vintage said...

Thanks for all of your comments!

Anonymous: I have to say that I have their Hollywood Movie dress and the quality is quite nice.

Anonymous said...

oh i love fearless vampire killers!
that's so funny and kind film.

nice site btw i just loove your taste of vintage style :)


Aïcha b. said...

I LOOOOOVE your blog sally ! your posts are amazing !