03 March 2010

Etsy Update


Day two of "Project Update!" Ha, ha. I've just added six more pieces to the Etsy shop. I think all that Olympics-watching has me feeling a bit patriotic. Or something.


avalonne said...

Just thought I'd tell you, I bought a confetti blouse from your store last October. It was my first etsy purchase, first and only (so far, too broke to buy at etsy). I posted a photo on chictopia, thought I'd send you a link. One of my favorite blouses! So thank you for brightening my closet. When I have the chance, I will definitely love to purchase more items from your store! :)

Please feel free to check out my blog! Thanks!

Caitlin said...

Number 2 and 4 please. Super cute!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i like this project!

kimvee said...

Ohmygosh! I want that red dress! :)


Eli said...

so much red, definitely olympic spirit

Anonymous said...

Love your number 4. I've had your blog bookmarked for a while now- I like to visit it on a rainy day or when I'm lacking inspiration. Keep up the amazing work!

xo S.Jaberg

sanjeet said...

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