04 March 2010

Etsy Update


I'm feeling a little blue day. Well, not really... but the shop is! Here's a look at the pieces I've just added to the Etsy shop. Be sure to drop by and check them out along with all the other goodies I've added this week.


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I love the sweater in the middle on the bottom! I've been looking for a good peacock blue sweater!!

vintageblackdress said...

I love your images. Very clean and simple. Your items look so appealing. That sweater at the bottom is beautiful. I'm glad to have discovered you.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

the etsy mini link is funny. it doesn't take me to your shop, just makes a big version of the etsy page,only i can't see it b/c it's an inch big. can this be fixed?

i'll go the old fashioned way etsy.com, and search for sellers.

Solo said...

The sweater is cool. Love the design. ;D

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sanjeet said...

Your items look so appealing.
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Anonymous said...

love all of these! esp the navy dress with the red trimmings!