07 April 2010

Etsy Update: Black and White

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Here's a little peek at today's Etsy shop update!


Elea Carey said...

I love the white with black stripes but it's about three sizes too big for me :(

Elo Coquette said...

Yeah i love this one too ! very nice !

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Christine said...

I like some of your designs etc. What sizes do your pieces come in?
I like a couple of the black and whites some of the plains, not the florals.
What country are you in?
Do you have wholesalers at all? I'm in Australia. We have winter around the corner. Have you warmer garments? Where I live in winter it goes down to -10 which is rather cold.

Thanks for all the photo's of your creations, great idea!

Fabiola "Fab" said...

ooh love the black and white shop update!!