09 April 2010

Etsy Update: The Grass is Greener

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Aradia said...

I like that green skirt with colorful button tags. I didn’t see it in the shop.
Can you give me more info about it? Size?

V i n t i said...

the green pastels - I have something like this, soon my outfit :)

best regards

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! So great!!! What a lovely selection of greens! You just put the biggest grin on my face!!! I wish I could afford to buy them all!!! :)

Miss Smog

Justice Pirate said...

these are lovely, but alas the skirts I liked are not in my size.
Aradia, if it isn't in the shop, someone already bought it!

Little Lost Treasures said...

The color pallet seems so appropriate for spring, I just loved it! And the first skirt on the right is just so cute!

Q's Daydream said...


Maggie said...

Green is perfect in spring!!