30 April 2010

May Wish List

a look from Bleubird Vintage, AA floppy felt hat, sandals via Etsy (these are on their way to me!)

It's been a while since I've done any sort of wish list. Honestly there just hasn't been that much that's caught my eye or made me feel like I want to part with my hard earned dollars. But the warmer weather is bringing out the hippie chick in me and I'm beginning to crave loose flowing dresses, tooled leather accessories and chunky wooden heels.

I think I've finally figured out a way to wear the floral grunge revival dresses that I love but make me feel a bit too much like I'm back in high school. Paired with 70s accessories they come off a bit more hippie than grunge which fits my mood perfectly right about now.

shorts & top Steven Alan, tooled leather purse via Etsy, braided belt via Etsy


Lexie, Little Boat said...

those sandals are super cute! great etsy find!

Darling L said...

Lucky you! Those sandals are PERFECTION! :)

Catherine said...

Those sandals look adorable! Can't wait to see how you style them. I never think to look for shoes on Etsy, but I should start . . .

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

LittleRachael said...

I love that look from BLuebird Vintage, I did a feature on Bluebird in my own blog! :)

Nice post.

I love your blog, I've linked to you on Little Rachael Vintage would you mind terribly doing the same? I would really appreciate it :)

Rach x

Nickie Frye said...

I saw those sandals too. Lucky you! xoxo