03 May 2010

Etsy Update: The Mod Squad

We're currently stationed in the deep south but I set up and Etsy update for today before I left on out trip. It'll be the only update this week so I made it an extra good one. All 60s shift dresses! For those of you who have been missing the larger sizes in the shop, please take note that these are all size M - XL. Have a lovely week!



Vintage Vision said...

Gorgeous gorgeous dresses! Your blog is beautiful. I've just started mine but hope to make it as lovely as your one!

Best Wishes
Marion, Vintage Vision


Chaucee said...

I love the silhouettes of these dresses! They look so comfy.

bella vintage said...

the yellow linen one looks lovely. perfect for summer..

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

They are all super pretty.

Little House of Limes said...

love the yellow one. It would work perfect with my tan boots :) x

LittleRachael said...

The first two are gorgeous!

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