07 July 2010

Things I would have blogged about, Pt. 1

During the last week, while I was in computer limbo, I still found a little time for some internet surfing (do people still "surf the 'net or am I aging myself?). Anyhoo... there were quite a few things that caught my eye that I surely would have blogged about had I the means. I figure I'd take the day to catch up. Hopefully this won't all seem like old news.

First, I discovered the Venetia Scott Fashion Spot thread through Starr's blog. Every time I see someone blogging about something they found on the Fashion Spot, I think that I need to figure out what that place is all about... and I still haven't. Nevertheless, I enjoyed scrolling through all of the old Venetia Scott styled editorials on the thread. Something about them seems timeless where other editorials quickly looked dated. For instance, this spread from the S/S2006 issue of Another Magazine.

venetia scott

Hmmm... I can't recall on which blog I originally saw a post about The Horse. Bad blogger! At any rate, the lookbook instantly caught my eye and the cute shoes really backed it up. I hate when I discover a nicely styled lookbook only to find the individual pieces not as interesting as the overall effect. Take it as further proof that most great style is coming from down-under these days.

the horse (1)

And if their shoes weren't enough, the site has a gallery that's full of perfect summer-time-bliss photo inspiration. Makes me wanna hop on the next plane headed to Australia.

the horse (2)

More to come...


kate, miss twinkletoes said...

I totally get what you mean - I am baffled by tfs and the best way to use it. I figure someday I will figure it out!!! Love the shoes from Horse, never had neard of them before, but beautiful!


Starr Crow said...

i just discovered The Horse today via Paper-Doll I think, but I didn't see these lookbook photos, just the shoes. I think they're wonderful, and I really love the overall look of their site.

Jenni said...

Those Venetia Scott pictures kill me! They look like the kind of pictures you'd find in a photo album from the late 60s... amazing.