07 August 2010

Dear Golden Giveaway


This week I'm so excited to bring you another giveaway from one of my most favorite Etsy shops. Dear Golden Vintage is the crème de la crème of the Etsy world in my book. Her finds really blow my mind. Lauren seems to live in a magical place where 30s dresses and gorgeous blouses lurk around every corner. If we were all so lucky! Well, one of can be so lucky as to have this lovely 70s macrame purse right out of Lauren's shop.

It's not an enviable task, having to pick one favorite item from her shop but that's the assignment to enter the giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post and in a week, I'll pick a winner. Good luck!



Christy said...

Oh goodness, everything in her shop is amazing! I really love this 1940's dress, though: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50879185/vintage-1940s-buff-rayon-day-dress

Rheanne said...

cute dress ♥


love, x

ashley said...

HELLO! i love your blog! it makes me wish i lived anywhere close to finding anything good and vintage, which i don't ]: i love the bag that you've chosen btw [: really hope i can get it [:
-ashley js

Yelena said...

lovely bag.
i lovee her shop - so many beautiful finds! :)

Cami said...

Okay I know this is cheating but I had to pick two. The 1950s Emma Domb pique dress and the Rialto chiffon ruffle dress are both just too beautiful to pick one.

Cami said...

Okay I know this is cheating but I had to pick two. The 1950s Emma Domb pique dress and the Rialto chiffon ruffle dress are both just too beautiful to pick one.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 favorites...I love both the 1950s madeline silk dress and the natural jute espadrille sneakers. I'm a sucker for cute sneakers like that so I had to include them! I love that macrame purse, hope I win!


Edith Elin G.R. said...



Dee said...

I am in awe of the creme de menth dress. http://www.etsy.com/listing/52644683/vintage-1920s-creme-de-menthe-dress


And her assortment os shoes is impressive.

Lana said...

So, I have to admit ... this bag was the exact sort of thing I was looking for all over Paris three weeks ago. And in the most disappointing shopping day of my life, Paris' vintage stores failed me! But you could save the day and merge the magic of America and France :)

How on earth is one supposed to choose a favorite from D.G.Vintage - but I have to say, as impractical as it is compared to some of the full outfits available, my favorite is the vintage 1940s filigree bow brooch. Because it's unique. Because on a warm summer day, when the details of layers can't be borne ... tossing this baby onto a headband or an average collar gives the simplest, most comfortable of outfits pizazz. And isn't that practical, after all?

Or ... the 1930s Dozen Daisies hat. Or, the 1970s Feathered Camel hat. Because the same principle applies, and hats, well, I love them.

the giraffe said...

so many things to like! but i love this romper


Rheanne said...

cute dress ♥


love, x

Madeline said...

I LOVE Dear Golden Vintage -- picking just one item seems near impossible. Everything is beautiful - from the Birdman Mocs to the Woven Twine Handbag. However, my favorite item is the Au Lait Rayon Dress!

Thanks for the giveaway!
shorecast at gmail[.]com

Miss said...


I love this nautical 40s dress..

Kristen said...

Lovely purse!

Katie ケイティ said...
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Ninja Panda said...

The "vintage 1950s COUNTRY SET eyelet dress" is adorable!!!


The Strodeleys said...

Have been admiring this dress for a while. I look at it every couple of days! So sweet!


ayah said...

omg. the purse is really vintage. :) It is so fab.This dress from the shop is love too. http://www.etsy.com/listing/26043375/vintage-1960s-champagne-chiffon-dress


KatherineCierra said...

I love the vintage 1940s LULLABY silk princess dress. So pretty!


ticklepea said...

I love the 1940s cotton calico dress! I would wear something like this every day if I could!


Justice Pirate said...

I just got a dress from them this week in the mail (bought it after the dress I wanted from you sold hehe). I loveeeeeee all the clothes so very much and have my eyes on a few of them. one of the items I have on my favourites is vintage 1950s SHADOW FRONDS dress.


yunni said...

Its a nice baggggg there! (: Would love to own one too.

ashley said...

i love the vintage 1950s SHADOW FRONDS dress! it's so lovely, simple and versatile; it's something i've been looking for in a long while, so perfect for summer days!

btw the bag is so pretty too [:

Aditi said...

I love the white pinafore cotton sundress - it seems so ethereal and pretty!

Loni said...

One of my favorite Etsy shops
I love the golden swimwear


Amy said...

ahhhhh I LOVE this hat! http://www.etsy.com/listing/45797857/vintage-1930s-madeline-straw-hat

it looks like the perfect picking-strawberries-in-summertime-and-later-frolicking-on-a-beach-hat!

Vanessa Marie said...

I love love this shop!

and that purse ain't half bad either ;)


meeyeehere said...

vintage 1930s MAZURKA chiffon gown
is so great! I just love this store!!! Woiw!

Jenae said...

I absolutely adore
these...like toooo much:

I actually was obsessed with all of her shoes (i'm such a typical girl)

ariane said...

Such a cute bag!!
I especially loved the rope belt (http://www.etsy.com/listing/53590183/vintage-knotted-red-ropes-belt)


Danielle said...

I love it!!! I hope I win!!