26 October 2010

Hansel from Basel


It's getting to be that time of year again when tights are a girl's best friend. I'm addicted to basic black ones but think it's time to branch out a bit. Hansel from Basel has a really great collection of tights in earthy hues and subtle patterns. I've taken the plunge and ordered the knee pad ones and the pixie ones (the first two pair below). Hopefully I'll have the courage to wear them out in public.



A Little Brighter said...

Oh Wow! Thanks for this!! I'm a complete tights addict (very rarely go out without them, even in summer) so these are extra inspiring!
Adore the blue scalloped pair and the knee pads and...well all of them now I think about it!
Hope to see you wearing them on here :D

Ayesha x

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Very cute! I love the blue ones with white waves!

Diana said...

Love the knee pad ones!

Vanessa said...

These are so lovely i've been seeing them around the interwebs lately. I'm also hearing that they fall apart quickly, like after the first wear. Boo hoooo


Rachel Holm said...

i LOVE these. oh how necessary.


C. said...

Oh my gosh, these are amazing. I love the two you ordered, especially the pixie! Another one for the "wish I thought of that" bin...


landel cruz said...

Like knee socks and tights. Beautiful color! I used it everyday, part of my school outfit haha addict!
my blog, freestylishheels.com

裤袜小姐 said...

Hi, I am in Lancaster too. I am surprised to know you can be a fashionista in such a tiny town. Lol. I like your vintage clothes. Do you actually have a shop here?

Annushka said...

I Love this post)))
Very nice socks and tights)))