23 October 2010

A Lovely Mess


I discovered this editorial from the October 2010 issue of Vogue Spain on Francesca's blog and, of course, it was instant love. The settings remind me of the abandoned sites we've visited, only way more awesome! I wish I could walk into a room like this.

The editorial is very Grey Gardens with the headscarves and the cats roaming around, but like Francesca, they instantly reminded me of the article I read recently about the Paris apartment that had been left untouched since WWII. Did you see it? The story goes that a woman left her apartment in Paris just before the war and never returned. It sat untouched for over 70 years! Walking into it must have been like entering a time capsule. How magical would that have been?



Yelena said...

I lovee these photos - the mix of glamour and the "mess".

KristiMcMurry said...

Amazing editorial. Thanks for sharing! The light is incredible in 2 & 3. WOW

Collette Osuna said...

I think these pics are soooo cool, very original!!!

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Paige Tanya said...

These are extremely gorgeous photos.

Loca por tu Ropa said...

These are pictures awesome!!!


the spectator said...

I love the interiors. Although I'd want to go in and clean it and spoil the whole effect.

Masha said...

huh pretty shooting!
love the last bedroom picture


A Little Brighter said...

I just adore these photos :D they make me feel so inspired to keep saving for my own first home!
WOW! I hadn't seen the WWII apartment, how absolutely incredible!

Ayesha x

Ginta said...

Love the editorial! It's really so Grey Gardens :) I love the first and the last photos so much!

Miy said...

The second and last photos are absolutely gorgeous.. I fell in love right away.. totally dreamy!

Thanks for sharing.

The Picnic Girl

Dakota C. Walsh said...

I was half hoping they would make the untouched-since-WWII apartment a museum or give tours, so I could see it! It seriously sounds like a dream come true.

I love this editorial, too. It's so strangely glamorous.

Vanessa said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

knitlit kate said...

the edies never fail to inspire fash love! and thanks for letting me know about that paris apt story. i definitely want to know more about that. such a romantic story.

Rosaspina Vintage said...

I've heard of this editorial, it's gorgeous, so inspiring. But the story of the French lady is absolutely amazing! I can't even think of being the man who discovered the apartment, it must have been overwhelming!

Louder Than Silence said...

What an amazing editorial, love love love!

Sally x
Louder Than Silence

Megan said...

This story and this spread are my favorites things on the Internet as of late for sure.


Megan said...

This story and this spread are my favorites things on the Internet as of late for sure.


Patricia_Alejandra said...

I like them these images of vogue are so vintage