26 November 2010

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving


- H&M bird print dress
- 60s camel cardigan
- Hue tights
- Swedish Hasbeen t-strap clogs
- vintage wool beret


Did everyone in the States have a nice Thanksgiving holiday? It was super dreary and grey here and I heard rumors of snow showers in the area. We mostly stayed in and didn't eat turkey. :) Tom's family has a tradition of gathering for pumpkin pie and freshly made whip cream after dinner so we braved the weather for that. I suppose pumpkin pie was about the only thing that would make me get out in that sort of cold rainy night.

As a thank you to all of my blog readers, I'm going to join the Black Friday bandwagon and offer 15% off everything in the Etsy shop for the rest of the weekend! When you checkout, use the code "SallySaysSo" to redeem your discount.



Mandi Johnson said...

You look lovely! I didn't have any turkey either. :)

I heard this rumor that Etsy now has a coupon code system. Might be something worth looking into!

Anonymous said...

Love your dress, and your Hasbeens. I really want a pair, but just can't afford them on my student budget x

Stef / Diversions said...

The amazing backgrounds in your photos never fail to make me envious of your location scouting :) Beautiful as always.

I so love your shoes and tights. Great outfit :)

Chaucee said...

Sounds like you had a good thanksgiving minus the turkey : ) And I love this outfit! Florals are great.

TresLunas said...

so scary pics..love them =) kisses from spain!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

who knew bathroom stalls could be so amazing?? very nice outfit.

Jenni said...

You look great. I love your shoes.

Maggie said...

Love that color of tights!

Hope you had a great holiday!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

I've got the same H&M dress, it's adorable! I'm very much into bird prints at the moment :)

Magar said...

Is that an old powder room in the first shot there?

Sundae Surf said...

I love everything about this outfit! The dress is perfection..the shoes..the tights..sigh!!


Kaylyn said...

I love the color of your tights in combo with your dress! Such a cute outfit :)

Love & Labels

Ali Hval said...

This is the coolest location ever. You find the coolest locations ever. I'm digging everything about your outfit. :)

Ella Preuss said...

I love your outfit!
I'm a new follower!

Annika said...

i love it all :D


Megan said...

Jealous of that Hasbeens. They look great on you....


Unknown said...

LOVE your dress darling!
You look so pretty!:)
I really like it!
xxx gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Striking photos!honestly good!

The black little secretary dress I got from you is soooo stylish!I feel so beautiful wearing it!i will make a post soon with it!
Thank you dear!

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kathy said...

Love these photos- those tights are the best colour! x

xoxo Mimi said...

Awesome picture. Unique locations. Love it. And the tights are amazing. That jump of color. two thumbs up doll'


Nico said...

those tights are such an amazing color! you look great, i love your outfit :)

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