12 November 2010

But if I'm to say how madly I adore you...


photos by Tom b.

- 90s floral dress
- thrifted boy's blazer
- thrifted J.Crew cashmere sweater
- Hansel from Basel tights
- Jeffrey Campbell boots
- vintage wool beret
- vintage Coach purse
- listening to: Billie Holiday "Let's Call a Heart a Heart"


So... this will be my last post before I head south for the week. But not to worry! I've rounded up a whole slew of my favorite fellow bloggin' gals to lend a hand next week. I can't wait to see what they come up with! It should be a really fun week around the blog.


There's really not much else to report from around these parts because it's been work, work, work for the past few days. Here I am in another outfit with very conspicuous knees. I'm getting used to the whole idea. Also, someone commented that they'd heard the Hansel from Basel tights fell apart after the first wear, but I found the contrary to be true. These were quite sturdy and held up well after a day's wear.



Penny Dreadful said...

Lovely lovely boots. Just right for stomping about in leaves. Have a great trip!

Penny Dreadful Vintage

KristiMcMurry said...

Love the tights! It's like elbow pads...but knees. (I know...I'm so profound). Anyway, I also love those boots. I'm still trying to decide if I can pull of some lace ups.

Have fun in the South!

franca maisha said...

wow!! your outfit is perfection - love it :)


Matchless Vision said...

I love the cardigan and the blazer together. I definitely want to try that.

archives said...

i am crushing hard on those tights!!! i really dont think i could pull them off, though. :/

Collette Osuna said...

Cute boots....love the bottoms!!

Stop by and say Hello♥

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Shallow Mallow said...

Love those academic knee pads :D
Looks great.

Have a brilliant week!

Jenni said...

LOVE THIS. SO MUCH. The tights, the boots, the jacket... Le sigh!

Hillary said...

LOVE this outfit <3
Have fun on your trip!

A Little Brighter said...

Beautiful outfit and those tights add a lovely twist! I am gald they are holding up as I am so tempted to buy a few pairs of those lovelies!
Excited to see who your guests are!

Ayesha x

Karima said...

Love this look - brown and navy is so hard to pull off and you do it fabulously!

Ilaria said...

I love this outfit! and the boots are fabulous...


Chaucee said...

I really like the knee pad tights.

Ali said...

Your pictures are always so magical. :) I love the dripping faucet. Your boots are to die for and those tights! I feel a DIY coming along.. :)

Sundae Surf said...

Everything about this while shoot is perfect! The setting, the contrasts and most of all the OUTFIT. Love love love those boots and tights to bits. You are a daily inspiration to me :)

Check out my new blog sundaesurf.blogspot.com ;)

Baum said...

nice boots and pantys!!!

Suz said...

great tights! so original